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April 17, 2021

Beautiful Beloveds,

It’s been a week!  I’ve heard from some of you who are feeling the weight of the world, the pain of racism, the toll of isolation, the wear and tear of life in a pandemic.  I hear you.  I hear your hurt, your confusion, your desire for something different. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, cranky, or just not yourself.

I don’t have answers for you, but I am here to listen while you wrestle with big questions.  I can remind you that what you feel is valid.  I can remind you, this will pass.  I can help you look back and give yourself credit for all that you’ve learned, and the ways you’ve adapted.   We can imagine together, what you can do to make a difference in your home, our community, and beyond.

If you need an ear, a different perspective, or just to hear a different voice, give me a call.  Or we can set up time on Zoom so I can see your face.  Or if you process better in writing, send me an email.  I’m here to remind you, you are not alone.  I’m here.  The church is here.  God is with us. We are in this together, even as we keep our distance.  We remain, Together in Christ, Committed to Serve. 




Mark Your Calendars

Sunday, April 18:

5:30am Worship available on our YouTube channel

8:30 am:   Virtual Worship premier on Facebook

11:00 am: “Drive-In” style worshipful Engagement in our Parking Lot.   Please register here

While Barnstable remains in the Red, we ask everyone to remain in your cars, before, during and after our worship.  If you need something, flash your lights and we will come to you.

7:00 pm:  Youth Group 

Monday, April 19:

9:00 am:     Lend-a-Hand

7:00 pm:    Men’s Study Group (via Zoom)

Tuesday, April 20:

12:00 pm: Deadline for “A Word on Wednesday,” AND Saturday Tidings

Wednesday, April 21:              

Thursday, April 22:

10:00 am:    Zoom Bible Study—Join us as we explore the gospel of Matthew, Zoom Link below.

6:30 pm COVID-19 Leadership Task Force

Friday, April 23:          

Saturday, April 24:             

Sunday, April 25:  

5:30am Worship available on our YouTube channel

8:30 am:   Virtual Worship premier on Facebook

11:00 am:  Drive in style worshipful Engagement in our Parking Lot.   Please register here

7:00 pm:     Youth Group meets via Zoom (link below)


Together in Christ—We worship, learn and grow

Who Is Graduating This Year? Please  contact Jane Gray,, or 508.428.2811 to to let us know if someone in your family is graduating from High School, Trade School, or College this year.   Please tell us the name of your student, and any details you care to share.  From where are they graduating, are they receiving any special honors, and do they know what’s next in their journey. 


Thanks to Calvary

A Homily by John Greene

2 Corinthians 5:17   Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.

Thanks to Calvary.  As we reflect on the Easter season we need to remind ourselves of the power of the gift of Calvary and how it can change you if only you accept the gift. There are numerous songs about this moment of potential transformation but one resonates in my heart.

In a small church in Casar, in the South Mountain Bluegrass Church, a farmer, who comes to church in overalls, who plays the bass fiddle in the praise band, rises to sing his song of Calvary.  It is the version by the Gaithers, a version that pours out the confession of a man, who having veered away from the love and comfort of God, is confronted with the gift of Calvary.  As he is changed he sees the folly and waste that he had lived in, how he had hurt those around him with his neglect and in this transformation he becomes not only a better person, husband and father, but  he comes back to the grace that is the gift of Calvary. He doesn’t live in the shadows anymore;  he now lives in the light of that morning at the tomb, in the light that brought the hope of forgiveness to all of us.

That song, sung in a deep voice, revealed his faith and reached out to me, because it reminds me to keep my eyes on the moment of Calvary,

to know that if I falter that I can seek forgiveness, that I am not lost and alone, and  that because of Calvary, my life  can be changed.


Thanks to Calvary

by Bill and Gloria Gaither

Today I went back to the place I used to go,

Today I saw that same old crowd I use to know before;

When they asked me what had happened 

I tried to tell them,

Thanks to Calvary

I don’t come here anymore.


Thanks to Calvary 

I am not the man I used to be,

Thanks to Calvary

Things are different than before

While tears ran down my face 

I tried to tell them

Thanks to Calvary

I don’t come there anymore…


Today I went back to the house 

Where I used to live

and my little boy

He ran in fear behind the door

But I said son don’t you fear cos

You’ve got a new daddy now

And thanks to Calvary

We won’t live here anymore


Thanks to Calvary

I am not the man I used to be thanks to Calvary 

Things are different than before

And while tears ran down my face

I tried to tell them

Thanks to Calvary

We don’t live here anymore..

Thanks to Calvary

We don’t live here anymore.


Committed to Serve—We are making a difference

Food for Thought:  How can we stand with our Asian and Asian American siblings and stand against racism?

Read M. Garlinda Burton’s article, Enough is Enough, for concrete suggestions for working towards racial justice.  Garlinda is the Interim General Secretary of the UM General Commision on Race and Religion. 

April 10:   Don’t just recycle, “pre-cycle.”

So, you know what recycling is, but have you ever heard of precycling? It’s basically a concept in which you consider the “end life” of a product before buying it. If you’re grocery shopping, for example, you’d take note of how certain goods are packaged: Are they wrapped in multiple layers of plastic? Are they held together by rubber bands or zip ties? By taking stock of all these factors, you can better imagine what the recycling of that product would look like. Then, you can choose the one with the most minimal packaging.  Ultimately, it’s less waste for you to deal with and less pesky plastic going into the local landfill. Bonus points if you use your own personal shopping bags to tote these goodies home!



United Methodist News

Enter the 2021 Laity Address Challenge

The Conference Board of Laity is pleased to invite all laypersons in the New England Annual Conference to enter the Laity Address Challenge to have an opportunity to give the Laity Address at the 2021 Annual Conference. The 2021 Annual Conference will be held online June 10-12. The Laity Address will be pre-recorded. The specific date/time of the Laity Address broadcast has not been set. 

Our Annual Conference theme is “Building Beloved Community.” Our guiding scripture Psalm 137:4 NIV: “How can we sing the songs of the LORD while in a foreign land?” The address must use those as its theme. The address should be 15-20 minutes long. Entrants must submit a written copy of their entire proposed address along with a video of themselves delivering the first five minutes of the address. The deadline to submit your proposed address and video is May 7, 2021.

For more information on how to submit your entry or to ask any questions about entering the challenge, please email Co-Associate Conference Lay Leader Joan Farrar at or call 978.582.467


Need Prayer?

Please submit prayer requests here or contact Pastor Heather directly, and 774.994.3645. 

The UMW of the Osterville United Methodist Church is saddened by the death of Janet Thornton on April l, 2021.   Janet was a person who gave her all to every group that she worked with.  Her time with United Methodist Women ranged from her creative ideas to her taking part in it’s mission.    She sat on the UMW Board when she was able, kept up the Prayer Calendar enthusiastically and assisted as the UMW planned projects for their mission budget. She spent hours helping to make the Spring and Fall Rummage Sales very successful.   Janet’s faith brought her close to everyone.  She respected the Purpose of United Methodist Women as we nationally and internationally put Faith, Hope, and Love into Action.