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Beautiful Beloveds,

We just wrapped up our July Church Council meeting.  We looked at the current state of finances, considered a variety of creative ideas for fundraisers, and looked to our future.   Thanks to your generosity and creativity, and receipt of funds, the forecast is better than expected.  If you’d like to know more, please reach out to me or any member of finance.  Remember, these are your church financials, available to anyone who would like to review them.  If you’re curious, just ask and we’ll send you a copy of our report. 

More than all the details, numbers, and ideas we discussed, what I heard from our council members and my own heart, is that we want to be together.  Our Leadership Team was present at the meeting and they too heard this deep desire to gather.  We hear you and we feel it too.  We are listening to the voices of experts, state and religious leaders, and you and exploring ways to gather safely.   We are moving intentionally and carefully.  If you have ideas for us, please do reach out to any team members and share.  Members of the team include Tyler Allen, Carole Eichner, Paul Gannett, John Greene, Misti Hedges, Donna Kahelin, Wendy Lithwin and Patty and Allen Morell. 

    We remain Together in Christ…Committed to Serve.



As United Methodists we promise to support the church, the body of Christ, with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  Here are some ways you might live into those promises, this week:


We give thanks for:

–Our youth who were able to gather in person for safely distanced fun!
–The work of the Cape Cod Council of Churches, who continue to serve those in need with integrity, compassion, and faith.

Please pray for:

-All who face food insecurity.
–All who are working to discern how to teach students from pre-school to grad-school today, this fall, and in 2021.
–Are who are developing and researching a cure, and those brave souls who volunteered for the first human trials.

Please submit prayer requests to Pastor Heather, and 774.994.3645.

**If you’d like to receive the weekly prayers from our Conference, please subscribe to the UMCatalyst weekly e-newsletter and you’ll get the daily prayer as well. Subscribe

Presence (even if we cannot be physically together, we can connect)

Wednesday Gatherings (Two separate gatherings–Same Zoom link)

    3pm Check In and Prayer  (Conversation, sharing joys and concerns, prayer–30 minutes or less)

    7pm Vespers (Conversation, Scripture, and Prayer–30 minutes or less)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 885 8796 7096
Password: 185286

One tap mobile

Or Call:   +1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 885 8796 7096
Password: 185286

Thursday, July 23-Parking Lot Prayer and Visitation–4-7pm (By Appointment only)

Meet Pastor Heather at the church for conversation and prayer.  You’ll stay in your car; she’ll be masked and keep distance from your car.

Text or call, 774.994.3645 or email to set up an appointment.

Sunday Morning Coffee Hour, 11am on Sundays

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 0965 9316
Password: 485407

One tap mobile

Or Call:          +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 899 0965 9316
Password: 485407


Join our Fundraising Team–A meeting to gather ideas

Time: Jul 23, 2020 04:00 PM

Safely distance and in-person:  contact Linda Fermino for more details
Or:  Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 882 0591 6610
Passcode: 738230

One tap mobile

Or call:          +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 882 0591 6610
Passcode: 738230

New Holiday Fair Ideas

2020 Calendars

Christmas Cards

We need artwork for these new products.  Any form of drawing or painting, be it crayon, colored pencil, water color, oil, chalk, is fine. Pictures of landscape, seascapes, gardens, homes, flowers, still life’s, fruits, vegetables, wildlife, pets, beaches, boats, or whatever you would like are great. And for Christmas Cards: trees, wreaths, creches, angels, stars, landscapes, again, anything that you love about Christmas.

We do not need originals – copies are fine. Email them to, or mail them to UMC, 57 Pond Street, Osterville, MA 02655 or drop them off in our new mailbox next to the Solarium door. The more the better. All types of artwork count – kid’s drawings too. We can’t do this without you. Please send in your submissions. We hope this will be an exciting new project.
Jane Gray, Director of Ministerial Support

Please continue to submit pledges via our online giving portal, and through the mail.  Your generosity is supporting meaningful mission and ministry in our community! 

Please no gifts of thrift, yard sale, or rummage items.   Please don’t enter any of our buildings.  Please leave nothing at the church, annex, nor Rainbow’s End.  At this time, we cannot accept any donations and do not have the volunteers on our campus to sort and store them appropriately.  We will advertise very publicly when we are ready for these items. Thank you for your generosity and patience.

Service and Witness

Green Tips

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”
Rachel Carson

The more natural you keep your yard the more life it will support.  The more native plants you have the more feeding options you have to support birds and insects.  Doug Tallamy, an entomologist and author of Nature’s Best Hope, found that 96 percent of terrestrial birds feed their young insects and caterpillars and without native plants these food sources are not available.  The native oaks support over 550 species of moths and butterflies while the Ginkgos support only 5.  Dr. Tallamy found that a nest of Carolina Chickadees, in the 16 days from hatchlings to fledglings, consume more than 9000 caterpillars!  Audubon has a wonderful database to identify native plants here based on your zipcode.  With native plants, old trees or snags and a source of water you can have a yard alive with birds.

Miracle Kitchen: Next date, August 4–Six volunteers needed.

Each volunteer makes 10 bag lunches.   1 bag lunch= 2 sandwiches, juice box or something to drink, and fruit and/or dessert (brownies are very popular).  Sandwiches must be wrapped individually.   Please place in small paper bag and label the outside of the bag with the type of sandwich inside.  Condiments are provided at the Salvation Army.

If two people would like to partner and divide the task, that would be fine. Example: one makes the sandwiches and provides the napkin. The other prepares the dessert and/or fruit, plus drink. If two people partner, Gail would appreciate if the lunches were combined before she collects and distribute to the Salvation Army.

Please contact Gail Bennett to volunteer today:  (508) 420-7978.
Drop off Tuesday, August 4:  UMC Osterville parking lot (not inside the church),  57 Pond St,  9:50-10:10am,or the Salvation Army no later than 10:30.

  1. Louise Toler has extra lunch bags if anyone needs them.

Join our Anti-racism Efforts

A note from Wendy Lithwin:

Today, my son sent me a picture of the giant street mural being painted in Frisco, CO. Like many cities and small towns and individuals they are trying to make it clear that “Black Lives Matter.” Some of us in the congregation have been talking about what we might do to combat racism in ourselves and our community.

We are purchasing children’s books to help children learn history that is sometimes left unspoken. We have attended gatherings to hear stories of the negative impact of racism on individuals. You may have read MaryEllen Nelson’s story that was recently shared in Tidings. We are attempting to increase our own personal knowledge and understanding So we may be more sensitive to the needs of those around us.

Recently we found a 21 day challenge with suggested readings and activities and links to podcasts or talks. We thought we would select an activity and facilitate an online (Zoom) discussion of these activities. You are invited! Watch Tidings for a link.  Prior to a gathering, you will be able to read or participate in the activity and when we gather, we can discuss our feelings and how the information may have transformed our thoughts and action.