Saturday Tidings

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Greetings Church,

  This Sunday, we continue our worship series, Beguiled by Beauty.  Our text for the day is Psalm 16.  You’ll hear it read by Wendy Lithwin.  If you’d like to hear it sung, check it out here.  We’ll remember together that God is with us in the best, and most difficult moments of life.  Parents, heads up, the seek and find item during children’s time is a blanket.  We’ll also have our church conference at 11:30 am.  We’ll use this time to approve the use of funds from the Paycheck Protection Program Loan.

Beloveds, as groups around our nation begin to gather in person, we continue to practice an abundance of caution.  We continue to gather virtually, thanks to the wonder of modern technology. (Sometimes I feel like we’re living Star Trek!) We do so not out of fear, but rather faithfulness.  We will gather after we have gone 28 days, or 2 viral cycles, without a new case of COVID-19 on Cape Cod.  We will gather when it is safe for our whole community to gather, and sing, pray, worship and praise together.  Until that time, we will use a variety of other ways to gather, connect, and engage safely.  We remain Together in Christ…Committed to Serve. 



**All Church Conference--By Discipline of the United Methodist Church, we are required to hold a charge conference to ratify receipt of the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Funds.  Our Charge Conference will be Sunday, June 14 at 11:30am, via Zoom.    Please use the coffee hour link below.  Join us at 11 for conversation and/or  at 11:25 for our Church Conference.  That will allow us start promptly at 11:30am.

Together In Christ: 

We Give Thanks and Pray Together

Thanks be to God for

   Claire Haworth’s successful eye surgery!

    the ministry of our District Superintendent, the Rev. Dr. Andrew L. Foster, III. Please pray for him and his wife, Lorraine, as they move “home” to Eastern Pennsylvania, and continue ministry there.

    Pride celebrations around the world!

    beauty all around us. 

Please pray for

    Doris Crocker, her husband Dave, and their sons, as they wait for answers and relief for Doris.

    Our Bishop, Sudarshana Devadhar, who will be delaying his retirement for a year, in order to serve our Conference during delays caused by Corona Precautions

    All who are working for justice

    Frontline workers, who continue to work hard, long hours to keep others safe and healthy

    –Please submit all prayer requests to

We Worship Together–Virtually: 
Sunday:  Worship with us on-line, on Sunday through our website and facebook.  We premiere it on Facebook at 9:30 am, which allows us to watch together and greet one another, or you can watch it at your convenience.

Gatherings This Week

  Sunday at 11am, join us for Virtual Coffee Hour followed by Church Conference at 11:30am.

Join Zoom Meeting (same link for both coffee hour and church conference)

Meeting ID: 821 9234 2222
Password: 732012
One tap mobile

Or Call:   +1 646 558 8656
Meeting ID: 821 9234 2222
Password: 732012
Monday–Drive through prayer and visitation–Come by to say hello!

Please sign up to stop by and say hello on Monday morning or Monday Evening.  Send me an email, text, or call to schedule a 15 minute drop by.   You’ll stay masked in your car, and I’ll be masked and 6 feet away from you.  Let me know the time you prefer and I’ll do my best to accommodate.  I’ll be scheduling 15 minute visits.
Monday, June 15– 9am-12pm and 5-7pm at the church. 
Wednesday Prayer and Check In 3pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 813 8006 2319
Password: 998036

One tap mobile

Or Call:       +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 813 8006 2319
Password: 998036

Wednesday Evening Vespers–This week, join me for:  The Call of This Moment: An Anti-Racism Workshop with Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

It’s a two day workshop, 7-8:30 pm, Wednesday and Thursday.  There is a $20 fee for the workshop.  If that’s the only reason for you not to attend, let Pastor Heather know, and she can help with registration and costs.

Committed to Serve: 

Do you know someone who is not receiving church emails? Please let Pastor Heather know so that they can be added to another distribution list that seems to be working.

Watch a good movie and learn.  The movie Just Mercy is streaming for free on many platforms and provides helpful insight into systemic racism.  

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