Saturday Tidings

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Beautiful Beloveds,

            “Oh, let us turn our thoughts today

To Martin Luther King

And recognize that there are ties between us

All men and women living on the Earth

Ties of hope and love

Sister and brotherhood”

            -James Taylor, Shed a Little Light

This weekend, we pause to remember the unfinished dream of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The events of January 6 were a stark reminder of just how much work we have to do.   I wonder, what will you do this weekend, this year to make King’s dream a reality.  How will you commit yourself to work of racial justice? Will you join our anti-racism conversation group, as we explore our own biases, and what it means to bear witness to God’s kindom?  Will you do your own self-exploration of race, white privilege, and anti-racism?  Will you reach out to your neighbors of color, to hear their stories, their experiences? 

The work of anti-racism is kindom of God work.  It is hard and holy work that requires great humility, courage, and compassion.  Like any other aspect of faith formation, it requires work done individually like self-reflection, and work done in community, so that we might offer one another support and accountability.  So perhaps the question is not, what will you do, but what will we do, as a community faith to continue King’s dream in our hearts, homes, church and wider-community? 

Peace,  Heather

If you, like me are a fan of James Taylor, check out this special version of “Shed a Little Light.” 

On 7/29/15 in Columbia SC, James was joined onstage by Charleston choir Lowcountry Voices. Together, they sang “Shed a Little Light” in memory of the victims of the Charleston shooting and their families.


Mark Your Calendars

Sunday, January 17:  Second Sunday of Epiphany 

            Human Relations Sunday—Special Sunday/Offering

            8:30 am   Virtual Worship premier on Facebook (also available on YouTube after 5:30 am)

            11:00 am Worshipful Engagement in our Parking Lot.  Please register here

            3:00 p.m The Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Service of Commemoration*see below

            7:00 pm   Youth Group, via Zoom


Monday, January 18 – Martin Luther King Day

            7:00 pm:    Men’s Study Group (via Zoom)


Tuesday, January 19:  

            12:00 pm:  Deadline for “A Word on Wednesday,” our midweek mailing

            7:00 pm:  SPRC Meeting—Contact chair, MaryAnne Farley for Zoom link

            7:00   pm:   Women of Faith: Human Rights Celebration (link below)


Wednesday, January 20:

            12:00 pm:  Deadline for Saturday Tidings Submissions

            3:00 pm:    Moment of Light-Prayer and Conversation (Zoom link below)

            7:00 pm:    Moment of Light-Prayer and Conversation (Zoom link below)


Thursday, January 21:

            10:00 pm:    Zoom Bible Study—Join us as we explore Matthew, chapter 8 Link below.

            6:30   pm:    COVID-19 Leadership Task Force Meeting


Friday, January 22:


Saturday, January 23:  


Sunday, January 24:  Third Sunday of Epiphany

            8:30 am :   Virtual Worship premier on Facebook (also available on YouTube after 5:30am)

            11:00 am:  Worshipful Engagement in our Parking Lot.   Please register here

            7:00 pm:    Youth Group, via Zoom


Together in Christ—We worship, learn and grow 

The Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Service of Commemoration  The public is invited to access a pre-recorded video as of 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 17 using the link: Organized by:  The Cape Cod Chapter of the NAACP, The Federated Church of Hyannis, Barnstable No Place for Hate, Cape Cod Community College and the Cape Cod Council of Churches.

Moment of Light—Prayer and conversation via Zoom—3pm and 7pm Wednesdays in January

Sometimes January can be a beautiful month, full of hope and new resolutions, and all things possible.

Sometimes, January can be a tough month, full of short days, long nights, the low after the high of the holidays.

Whatever you’re feeling, let’s check in with one another. We’ll chat, share the highs and lows of the week, maybe even try a game or two, and end with prayer. 

Committed to Serve—We are making a difference

Be An Augur

            According to the OED, inauguration is “formal or ceremonial induction to an office or dignity; consecration, investiture, installation.” In Roman times, it was supervised by an augur, “whose duty it was to predict future events and advise upon the course of public business.”

     Augurs would advise on the most favorable places for events, the direction to face, the time and season to celebrate and make vows.

     To face the chaos of this moment in our democracy, I am inviting you to be an augur. Our country does not need help setting up the chairs, it needs help resetting the standards of who we are.

  • We need to listen to and quote from media that practice peer review.
  • We need never to let the tabloid mindset define our discourse.
  • We need always to speak the truth, gently whenever possible, stalwartly whenever necessary.
  •  We need to be relentlessly respectful in our discourse with those who disagree, even when they are not respectful of us. 
  • We need never to retreat from love of neighbor, or the peace that comes through equal justice.
  • We need never to abandon hope, and it will never abandon us.

Today I invite you to be an augur now and in the four years ahead. Let the full weight of November 3, 2020, land on your dedication to these principles and see what the greatness of America can be.

—Ed Deyton 

Food for Thought: Talking to white kids about what whiteness means

Three children’s books to help start the conversation

Kaethe Schwehn, in Christian Century, June 16, 2020

Read the full review

Something Happened in Our Town: A Child’s Story about Racial Injustice

By Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins, and Ann Hazzard; illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin

“The “something” in the picture book Something Happened in Our Town is the wrongful shooting of a black man by a white police officer. The book follows two elementary-age kids, one white and one black, who hear the news at school and then return to their respective homes and ask their parents about it.”

Not My Idea:  A Book About Whiteness

By Anastasia Higginbotham

Not My Idea: A Book about White­ness also follows an elementary-age kid as she asks her mom questions about the recent murder of an unarmed black man by a white police officer.

New Kid

By Jerry Craft

A graphic novel about Jordan, a black seventh-grader who is the “new kid” at a rich, predominantly white, private school.  

Green Tip:  Be a Master Recylcer

Are you a master recycler? Or do you just think you are? Last April, MassDEP released the Recycle Smart Quiz in honor of Earth Day.  The answers to the 12 questions in this two-minute crash course just might surprise you. Market research shows that 77% of Massachusetts residents believe they know the “rules” for recycling”. But, it turns out more than 50% of us admit to being “wish-cyclers”, meaning we put items in the bin we “think can be recycled”, including plastic bags and styrofoam. This quiz is guaranteed to make you, or your neighbor or co-worker a smarter recycler. Resolve to take the quiz in 2021 and share your results with friends and family.

This content is shared from MassDEP’s Recycle Smart newsletter (sign up for it here)


Human Relations Day:  Special offering

Your gifts to the Human Relations Day offering support:

  • grants to promote ministries that respond to non-violent youth offenders through education, advocacy, or leadership training and development.
  • organizations and congregations that fight economic, racial, and social injustices.
  • grants to racial, ethnic, and multicultural congregations to hire community developers to empower the underserved.

Human Relations Day is this Sunday!

To give ONLINE click here.


Women of Faith: Human Rights Celebration, January 19, 2021 7pm

“Expressing Hope at the Table:  Becoming One in 2021”

Please check it out and RSVP to attend on our newly renovated website It is  hosted annually by Women of Faith/Church Women United of Cape Cod, whose president is Marilyn Lariviere. The virtual event is planned for Tuesday, January 19 at 7 pm. All are invited! (See the Zoom link below.)

Congratulations to the three 2021 Honorees:  Amy Doherty, Penny Duby, and Sarah Swain who have done amazing work in the field of Human Rights on Cape Cod.  If you wish to hear their stories, and even though we can’t be together, we can certainly be present ‘virtually.”  Call Lois Taylor, 617-460-3009 to learn more. 

Gail Bennett/Miracle Kitchen wants to let everyone know how appreciative the recipients of all the winter gloves and mittens are! They can’t thank all who donated enough for such a wonderful gift. Thank all of you who supported them.

What about pledge cards and envelopes? We’ll be handing out pledge cards later this month, and the envelopes are in the church office. If you want yours sooner, rather than later, please contact Jane Gray in the office, 508.428.2811 or to set up a time to pick yours up


Zoom Links

Sunday Evening Youth Group

Time: Sunday, January 17, 7pm

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Tuesday, January 19 Human Rights Celebration

Time: Jan 19, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Wednesday Moment of Light

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Thursday Morning Bible Study

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