MESSAGE FROM OUR PASTOR: The United Methodist Church of Osterville is a reconciling, welcoming, growing congregation, where all people, without exception, are welcomed, as you are.  Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer–you are welcome here.  Whether you helped build the church, or it’s your first time here, you are welcome here.  Full of questions, full of doubts, you are welcome here. Walk with us, as we discover what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus.  Together in Christ…. Committed to Serve.  

– Pastor Heather Bailes Baker

Mission Statement

We at the United Methodist Church of Osterville are a people of God in the spiritual heritage of John Wesley.  We are called to be ministers of God’s purpose as it is revealed in the Old and New Testaments, through Jesus Christ, our teacher and Lord, through the Holy Spirit, and in the lives of dedicated people and movements that seek to advance God’s Kingdom.  

As an inclusive fellowship and reconciling congregation, we strive to enhance our relationship to God through our public and private worship, our study, and our example of disciplined living.  Our church is an empowering center where we discover and learn to use God’s gifts for worldwide ministry.  As responsive stewards in God’s world we give thanks and personally serve God through the dedicated use of our time and talents, our church, our community and the world beyond. 

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Please read the Statement of Reconciliation here

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