Bandanas for the Blind in Bo! 

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Our church has the opportunity to provide bandanas for the children and staff of The Paul School for the Blind in Bo, Sierra Leone, West Africa.  The Paul School for the Blind serves 51 students ages 4 to 22, both boys and girls, and has a staff of 17 including resident staff, teachers, and administrators.  Our goal is to send 75 bandanas with a small team from Washington State that is going to Sierra Leone this November.

Bandanas can be used for so many things.  The girls can cover their heads with them during worship.  Both boys and girls can wear them around their necks, use them for handkerchiefs, roll them up and put them on their heads in a tight circle to support any item they are carrying on their heads as is customary in the Sierra Leone culture.  They can also use them for washing or drying hands and faces, wiping brows when it is hot, wrap or cover food, and so much more!

Sunday, September 19th is BANDANA SUNDAY!  Please bring and/or wear your bandanas to church to either service that Sunday when we will be collecting them.  If you would prefer, we can also pick up your bandanas at your home.  Please contact Patty Morell at 703-725-2773 if you would like to arrange for pick up.

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