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thanksgiving pj

Last week, I wrote about an “odd duck” named Dr. Ray. The point of the post was that even an odd duck needs a flock to fly in and, in some way, we are all odd ducks, since each one of us is divinely and uniquely created. I also asked if some of you would like to sign up to join the “ODD DUCK FLOTILLA.” I am pleased to report that the flock has multiplied and been lifted up as if soaring on a pair of duck’s wings. Welcome aboard!

Life lessons, courtesy of Dr. Ray, continued after his place in our flock was assured. As time waddled along, Dr. Ray began to call me weekly to check in. His outreach was heart-touching, because he called to find out if I was OK or if I needed anything. It was never about HIM. It was always about ME. Dr. Ray’s weekly calls were a bird of a different feather, because most of the calls I receive on a daily basis are the exact inverse in their intent…..READ MORE AT WWW.PJLIVE.ME