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I wish that you could have been with me that day at Stefano’s Barber Shop and listened to “Mr. Leo Live!” Thanks for reading my blog and sharing it with others!  Remember: You can follow my blog by clicking on “comment” and following the directions.  I also really enjoy your comments.  Wishing everybody an awesome holiday season!


A couple of years ago, while I was waiting my turn at Stefano’s Barber Shop in Providence, Rhode Island, I struck up a conversation with Mr. Leo (Age 92). It was quite obvious that Mr. Leo was visiting the barber for reasons other than hair removal. He was quite talkative, both in the waiting area and after he climbed into the barber’s chair to get his one or two remaining hairs trimmed. As Stefano’s son, Nunzio, feigned haircutting, Mr. Leo kept Stefano and me…..READ MORE AT