Dear Church Family,

  1. Announcements for both online and hard copy Tidings should be submitted through this website at the link under “Tidings” on the menu bar located at the top of this website.  If you need assistance please contact
  2. Information for any announcements for the WEEKLY TIDINGS is limited to 100 words.  Exceptions would be considered for separate, full inserts in the bulletin, such as is often done for the Food Pantry program and occasional events the require a much larger amount of information to be distributed. 
  3. All content will be edited by the church staff if necessary.
  4. Please remember to include all pertinent information, such as dates, times, and description of event.
  5. Announcements MUST be submitted for every week that you want it to appear in our online and hard copy publications.  This helps prevent errors.  WEDNESDAY by 12:00 pm is the deadline day for submissions each week.
  6. MONTHLY “TIDINGS” IS NO LONGER BEING CREATED OR MAILED.  However, if you do not have access to a computer, we will print out the WEEKLY TIDINGS on the last Thursday of each month and mail it to you.  IF YOU WANT A HARD COPY, PLEASE NOTIFY THE OFFICE.

If you have questions, please email

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