Sierra Leone

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Drawing Inspiration

We are extraordinarily inspired by Allen and Patty Morell’s involvement and leadership in this mission. Allen is currently the Acting Director of the Children’s Rescue Centre in Bo, Sierra Leone.  Patty is focused on staff training, National Exam preparation, and also fills in as Children’s Counselor.

About The Child Rescue Centre

The Child Rescue Centre works to identify, rescue, and rehabilitate children who have been trafficked, or children who are at risk of being exploited through forced child labor.  Since 2000, the Child Rescue Centre has helped over 400 children in Sierra Leone.

The Child Rescue Centre is…

  • a national model for caring for at-risk children that opened in the year 2000 to care for the street children and orphans affected by Sierra Leone’s civil war.
  • a holistic, faith based program for children, providing food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education and skills training for children who are at risk of being forced into child labor or sold into human trafficking.
  • a continuum of care, including the Residential, community Child Support, Foster Care, and Post-Secondary scholarship programs.
  • a safe place and a source of hope for over 400 children & youth.

The United Methodist Church of Osterville’s Goals for the Sierra Leone Mission

It is our goal in the coming months to more effectively communicate to our church community updates and stories from Allen and Patty’s experience and dedication to The Child Rescue Centre in Bo, Sierra Leone. Stay tuned for that and also opportunities to Skype with them at scheduled times. If you would like to learn how you can help our mission in Sierra Leone, please contact Patty Morell at

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