Miracle Kitchen

The Miracle Kitchen operates on the first Tuesday of every month to feed people in need at the Salvation Army located at 100 North Street, Hyannis, MA. Members of the church can sign-up to prepare lunches in the form of 100 sandwiches and 125 desserts and (during the summer) to also prepare salad.

Tasks include:

  1. individually wrapping food: sandwiches & desserts (i.e., ham salad, tuna, turkey, ham & cheese)
  2. labeling food
  3. delivering to Salvation Army by 10:45 a.m. or leave in church kitchen by 10:00am that day to be picked up and delivered.

Grunge image of many hands holding an empty bowlWould you like to be involved? For more information contact Kathy Sandell by phone at 508-790-7603 or by e-mail: ksandell@comcast.net

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