Employment Opportunity – Director of Youth Ministry

Director of Youth Ministries
We seek a passionate, growing disciple of Jesus called to inspire, equip, and empower youth in their spiritual formation and growth as disciples. The Director will possess a compassionate desire to love middle school and high school students into faith and toward maturity in Christ. They must be skilled in Christ-centered teaching, with a proven ability to make the word of God relevant in the lives of youth.

This is a director-level role that requires strong leadership and the ability to share ministry, develop systems, processes, and volunteer teams. The Director will work with the pastor and church leadership to develop and implement strategies to grow the discipleship of all members and constituents of the Church concentrating on children, youth and their families.

Hours/ Compensation
• This is a part time position, 20 hours/week
• The starting salary of the Director of Youth Ministries is $20,000 + $500 continuing education support
• Vacation: The Director will receive two weeks vacation. A minimum of one month’s notice is requested prior to taking vacation.

Primary Responsibilities

Discipleship Leadership

• Provide primary leadership in developing appropriate and effective discipleship and fellowship programs
• Coordinate regular youth gatherings for spriritual growth, learning, service, worship, and fun
• Recruit and support a talented team of volunteers to prayerfully support youth ministry
• Build relationships with youth of the United Methodist Church of Osterville and in the wider community.

Mission Engagement

• Plan and promote camps, retreats, trips, concerts, mission trips, outreach events, etc.
• Build relationships with other youth ministry leaders in the area; seeking to cooperate for kingdom building as much as possible.

Community Life
• Integrate youth ministry with the larger church body.
• Be a part of the church staff team attending staff meetings and supporting the overall mission of the church.
• Work with the pastor and other teams as appropriate to fulfill the overall vision of the United Methodist Church

Administrative Responsibilities
• Provide administrative materials, such as yearly budget, annual report, CORI forms, Safe Sanctuary Training and implementation, permission slips, etc.
• Attend regular staff meetings with the pastor, as well as church council and other related meetings.
• Seek out and attend continuing education events and training.
• Recruit and prepare substitutes during scheduled absences, in consultation with the pastor.
• Maintain strong communication including:
• Regular communication with youth and their families
• Communication within the church, informing the church of youth activities, by updating announcements,  website, bulletin board, Facebook, etc.

Reviewed by SPRC July 29, 2019

Desired Background and Skill Set:
• Growing and deepening faith in Jesus Christ
• Prior experience in leading youth ministry, including curriculum and event planning, speaking and supervising other youth staff and volunteers
• Possess a solid theology and philosophy of youth ministry and how it intersects the life of the church
• Demonstrated passion for youth in all aspects of their lives- possess a natural, relational affinity for students, finding it as comfortable to simply “hang out” with students as it is to teach and disciple
• Ability to shape and communicate a clear vision for students, their families, and advisers and translate that into effective programs
• Flexible, creative, and resourceful
• Demonstrated excellence in communication skills (one-on-one settings, small and large groups)
• Teachable, committed to personal accountability
• An enthusiastic supporter of the larger ministry of the United Methodist Church of Osterville
• Bachelor of Arts degree
• Masters of Divinity or Theology; Masters Youth Ministry desirable


• The Pastor is the direct supervisor of the Director of Youth Ministries
• Absences must be reported to the Pastor in Charge with as much advanced notices as is possible.
• Goals and programs will be approved by the appropriate ministry team and reviewed by the Lead Pastor before implementation.
• The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is in charge of all personnel. All employees have the right to bring concerns directly to the pastor or the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC).

Please send your cover letter and resume to pastorheather@umcchurches.org

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