Coffee Hour Volunteers

* Please note there are is no coffee hour during the months of July and August.


  • Coffee Hour is generally served in the Fred Curtis Fellowship Hall after the 10:00 a.m. worship service, with the exception of the third Sunday of the month when it is served in the Solarium. 
  • The church stocks coffee, tea, creamers and milk, lemonade, juices so, you need only bring the baked goods. (You may want to check the refrigerator the week before to confirm there is a supply of creamers or milk.)
  • You may bring whatever type of snacks you choose, i.e. pastries, cheese & crackers, coolies, fruit, etc.  
  • Use the large coffee pot, only making 60 cups of DE-CAF coffee as we also serve CAFINATED coffee in the Solarium. (See the chart inside the kitchen cupboard over the sink where the coffee is kept for measurements by the cupful rather than pounds.) 
  • Put 10 cups of water in the white coffee maker on the counter to use for tea water. 
  • Prepare two gallons of juice or lemonade in pitchers for those wanting a cold drink, including children.  Juice mix is in the cupboard over the kitchen sink. If there is apple juice in the refrigerator, you may use that.
  •  Put out bowls of sugar and sweeteners (Equal), creamers / cream pitchers, coffee donation container and napkins. 
  • When serving coffee, you may put it in metal pitchers or serve from the coffee maker. 
  • Leave the worship service during or prior to the last hymn to prepare to serve or, earlier if you have not prepared everything in advance.  
  • The 10:00 a.m. Coffee Hour Host / Hostesses need to clean up, including cleaning the coffee pot.  Please put any extra cookies or crackers that are not taken home in the metal bread keeper.

Should you have questions please contact Pat Roller, Coffee Hour Coordinator at 508-681-0293 or via email at If you cannot reach Pat, call the church office at 508-428-2811.

Your church family thanks you for helping to provide Coffee Hour!

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